DSM DIGITAL SCHOOLS MANAGEMENT Digitising our school to store crucial data in any way that we can analyse or process it with incredible speed and accuracy like never before. We live in a swiftly evolving world where almost everyday something unprecedented occurs, and the education space is no exception. Apart from being numerously beneficial, digitization helps you to grow like never before. DSM - can ease the burden on every parent, teacher and management. Q-EFFICIENCY Digital Queue Management With most businesses putting a lot of effort on customer experience. Digital queue management is a must for our walk-in centres to achieve this. Q-Effeciency enables businesses to give superior customer experience by: - Giving Realtime access to critical data - Improving workforce planning - Lowering running costs - Reducing customer frustrations - Improving service agents experience Q-Effeciency changes the way you do business by allowing customers to arrive just-in-time
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